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dream car

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    Take the guesswork out of your car importation

    Significant Cost Savings

    Demonstrable significant cost savings compared to average market prices.

    (up to 20% cost savings).

    Minimal Upfront Commitment

    We understand access to financing may be a challenge, initiate your car importation with only a 25% upfront deposit.


    No hidden Costs


    Well defined easy to understand payment structure with all fees and terms declared upfront.



    Hassle free Importation

    We handle all the importation logistics on your behalf (sourcing, shipping, port clearing, registration)

    delivering your carefully selected motor vehicle to your doorstep.

    Personalized Car importation

    Whether in the market for your first car, a family-friendly SUV, a luxury, environmentally friendly, or hardworking purchase – we are positioned to offer you personalized support along your car ownership journey.