CARS 360: The Market Changer
CARS 360: The Market Changer

CARS 360: The Market Changer

April 26, 2023

The Automotive space remains a competitive sector in the Kenyan Market today. Toyota (East Africa), General Motors, Simba Colt and DT Dobie remain the most established new motor vehicle dealers. Despite the dominance in the market, imported second hand vehicles continue to lead motor vehicle sales in the country, accounting for about 70% of the market.

The ‘Buy Kenya Build Kenya’ – former President Kenyatta’s Agenda Initiative of 2019 that urged government ministries to purchase locally assembled motor vehicle, saw an upswing in local manufacturers, assemblers and sellers, drawing a drastic progression of imported motor vehicles.

Approximately, 7000 motor vehicle units are imported into the country monthly, 80% of these from Japan. But how do you choose what car to get and where? The how, we shall teach you; the where? CARS360!

Why CARS 360?

CARS 360 boasts of a 12-year experience in the automotive sector, with extensive motor vehicle knowledge, and partnerships tailored to extend personalized services on your car purchase. Being an authority in the field, we extend the below services;

i)       Motor vehicle Importation – Importation is a long, costly and tedious process taking up to 90 days, with expensive port clearance charges. Furthermore, many buyers may fall victim to online dupes branded as ‘professional’ car importers.

CARS 360 takes the guesswork away! With just 25% deposit, we deliver your motor vehicle to your doorstep in just 60 days!

Figure 1: Car importation in Kenya

ii)     Motor Vehicle Insurance – Just like most countries in the world, motor vehicle insurance is a mandatory requirement to drive on Kenyan public roads. Most Kenyans opt for Third Party Insurance as Comprehensive Insurance is costly to obtain, even though third-party insurance is a non-inclusive insurance and only covers the third party. You can now obtain a comprehensive insurance sticker in under an hour, with just a 30 % deposit.



iii)    Motor Vehicle Maintenance – In Partnership with Momentum, customers can access ‘Ezua Chapaa’, that allows you to access credit of up to KES. 100,000  to maintain your car. We have, also, partnered with the best garages all over the country, where you can access automotive services and spare parts at comprehensive costs.

Figure 2: Tyre bulge needing replacement

iv)   Motor Vehicle Trade in – ‘Out with the old, in with the new’. CARS 360 offers key to key exchange, letting you keep your car with you as we import a new one for you.

v)     Asset financing – It gets better! Through CARS 360, you can access asset financing for new and/or used cars in Kenya, payable up to 36 months, at low interest rates. Therefore, if the 60-importation days feel like forever, worry not because we got you!

Figure 3: Asset Financing for New and Used cars


CARS360 is ultimately a 360Ÿ automotive partner.

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