The Mazda Wave
The Mazda Wave

The Mazda Wave

February 22, 2023
We are a copycat nation. We love to jump on the ‘current trend’ bandwagon – adopting whatever fad crosses our path. Societal pressure? You may call it that. The bottom line is our copy-paste approach lacks variety, ingenuity, imagination, personal expression, and originality. This is evident when it comes to our car buying behavior. We typically wait for the one brave outlier to take the leap of faith, using them as our guinea pig. Once they give their new car the thumbs up (it didn’t spectacularly break-down along Mombasa Road), we all jump on the ‘cars for sale in Kenya’ pages to buy our now self-proclaimed dream car. It is against this background that we recently discovered a car brand that is quite pleasant -rather brilliant. A brand that has become popular over the recent years; The MAZDA. We have seen the various models owning our roads; The Mazda 2-Demio, Mazda 3-Axela, Mazda 6-Atenza, Mazda CX-5, CX-7 and even the fancy CX-9. Likeable for their sporty curvature, popping colors, advanced technology like the Heads-up display1 in the 2020 Mazda Demio, and a KODO design philosophy2, are a sight to behold. . The Mazda models are not just pretty faces, though. The rear-wheel-drive Mazda 6 is an excellent example of this – , challenging cars like the Toyota Mark X, Honda Civic, and even the Mercedes C-Class. The best part? They are additionally affordable –thanks to a reliable importation partner – CARS360, you can get your hands on a brand new 2020 Mazda Demio for about KES. 2 million, the 2020 Mazda Axela & the 2020 Mazda Atenza in the KES. 3 million and 4.5 million range respectively.Visit CARS360 or call 0709434000 to speak to one of our consultants today. These cars don’t just look good – they drive well too, but that is a conversation for another day.Copying is a weird Kenyan habit with this new Mazda phase… we might be onto to something!
Heads-Up Display – Any transparent display that represents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints. KODO Design Philosophy – KODO means ‘soul of motion’, defining speed, tense and alluring, breathing art and life into the vehicle’s design.

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